Thompson Enamels

Shop white, clear, opaque, translucent and opalescent 80-mesh medium-fire enamels for creating enameled copper jewelry. Fast shipping!"

Thompson 80-mesh lead-free enamels are the jeweler's choice for copper, gold, low-carbon steel, fine silver, fired copper clay and fine-silver clay. This medium-temperature vitreous enamel can be kiln fired or torch fired at temperatures from 1,400°-1,500°F (760°-815°C).

  • Opaque colors are the easiest to use, and are available a wide variety of brilliant shades.
  • Translucent colors are normally applied on top of a white base coat, so you can see the true color of the translucent enamel unaffected by the color of the base metal.
  • Clear enamel can be used on its own or in combination with other colors.
  • Opalescent Thompson 80-mesh lead-free enamels are a lovely, delicate choice. Opalescent colors are normally applied on top of a base coat of your choice. Experiment to find your favorite combinations!

Available in 8-oz bags, 2-oz jars and small sample sizes. (Sample is approximately a teaspoon. Exact quantity varies.)

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