Shop economical, imported screw-action riveting tools from EZ-Rivet. By The BeadSmith. Piercing / setting tools for 1/16-inch and 3/32-inch diameters.

EZ-Rivet tools by The BeadSmith are easy on your ears and your wallet. These economical, imported piercing and rivet-setting tools work with a simple screw-action - no more endless hammer tapping! Choose from options for 1/16" or 3/32" diameter holes and rivets. The main tool base comes with a domed attachment for piercing curved items (such as rings and cuff bracelets) too.

EZ-Rivet tools are compatible with Crafted Findings semi-tubular rivets. (EZ Rivet tool accessories can not be interchanged with Crafted Finding tool accessories.) Be sure to use 1/16" diameter rivets with 1/16" tools, and 3/32" rivets with 3/32" tools.

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