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Rings & Things Blazer® Torch Kit (Each)

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Included with the Rings & Things Blazer Torch Kit...

69-328Blazer Butane Micro Torch*
6x3x2-1/2" Blazer butane micro torch. Comes with gas flow adjustment lever, instant ignition and detachable base. Purchase your own triple-refined butane to use with torch (holds 26grams). Burning time 30-90 minutes. Temperature 1371C/ 2500F.

69-354-9Tripod with Mesh Screen
Approx. 9" Eurotool tripods with mesh screen. Use as a platform for soldering or enameling, for items that need to be heated from all sides, or stand tripod over an alcohol lamp or Bunsen burner.

69-182Ceramic Fire Block
5.7x3.7x2" ceramic fiber block. For insulation under Art Clay Silver pieces when torch firing.

69-184Magnesia Soldering Block
Approx. 3x6x1.5" magnesia soldering block. Porous and fireproof block, used to support metalwork when soldering, also heats up and helps maintain the temperature of the piece. Effective for temperatures up to 2000 F (1093 C).

69-428Fiber-Grip Tweezers 6.25"
Eurotool fiber-grip tweezers. Straight soldering tweezers with polished steel cross-locking jaws to hold your work securely. 6-1/4" long (160mm).

69-429Fiber-Grip Tweezers 8"
Eurotool jumbo fiber-grip tweezers. Straight soldering tweezers with polished steel jaws to hold your work securely. 8" long (200mm).

69-427Titanium Soldering Pick
Eurotool titanium soldering pick. Non-roll handle features a titanium shaft, which is the absolute best for all non-ferrous metal except platinum. 6-1/4" long.

*Butane not included due to shipping restrictions. Butane is widely available at hardware and tobacco stores.

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