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Sterling Silver Wire, Round, 20ga, Dead-Soft (troy ounce)

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Tips for Working With Sterling Silver Wire & Sheet
  • To keep track of different materials, mark each material with a different color of permanent marker. (Sharpies work great.)
  • Any writing on wire or sheet is easily removed with acetone or fingernail polish remover.
  • To prevent pliers from marring delicate, expensive materials: wrap a bit of tape around plier tips so they don't scrape or mar your wire. Nylon jaw pliers are also popular, and Tool Magic anti-scratch coating is a staff favorite!
  • New to working with wire? See Wire Jewelry 101 for info about gauges, hardness, and what size of wire is best for which jewelry projects.

Green Sourced Sterling Silver

Green Silver

All our sterling silver items are nickel free. And this sterling silver item is even better! It's made from environmentally responsible green silver.


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troy ounce
Dead Soft
Additional Info:
20 ga (0.81mm)
Country of Origin:
United States

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