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How To Use Buffing Wheels & Polishing Compounds with a Benchtop Polisher

Use Vigor® White Tripoli with a yellow muslin Chemkote buffing wheel to remove larger scratches from gold, silver, brass, copper and other metal jewelry. Follow up with a final polish using a soft combed muslin Finex wheel with either Zam (#69-187) for silver, nickel, and stainless steel, or red rouge (#69-186) for gold, GF, brass and copper.

Don't mix the polishing compounds. Dedicate one wheel to each polishing compound. If you use a variety of metals, you might leave the Tripoli buffing wheel on the left side, and then trade out the red rouge and Zam wheels on the right as necessary.

Entanglement Warning: Keep hair, loose clothing, dangling jewelry, and beards away from the rotating parts of motorized polishing tools!

If you find yourself doing a lot of grinding, buffing, polishing, soldering, pickling, etc., consider adding a ventilation system to pull dust, fumes and small particles away from you. Many pre-made systems exist for workshops, or you can create your own from flexible ductwork intakes directly over your work areas, and exhaust fan(s) that fit your workspace and needs.

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