Large-Hole Glass Beads

Shop brilliant Czech glass Cornelian Star beads and versatile large-hole Czech glass roller (wheel) beads. Perfect for macrame jewelry.

The large-hole glass beads on this page are perfect for macrame on hemp cord or Brazilian waxed polyester cord. Czech glass beads are still made in the centuries-old tradition of Bohemian craftsmanship and fine quality. Enjoy the vibrant colors, finishes, and shapes you can only get from genuine Czech beads.

  • Shop Cornelian Star beads, one of the brightest variations of rocaille Czech glass beads. Similar in shape to a seed bead -- but much larger -- these brilliant beads feature a white star in the center, created by a layer of chalk white glass at the heart, surrounded by a contrasting color of glass on the surface. The effect is neither a traditional seed bead, nor a classic Chevron bead or even a whiteheart, yet combines elements of all 3. This versatile bead is available in jet black, plus a full ROYGBIV rainbow of colors! These size 32/0 beads (about 7.5mm, also known as a Crow Bead) are great for macramé -- their 2.5mm hole fits nicely on 2 strands of 1mm hemp cord, Brazilian waxed polyester cord, and other popular 1mm knotting cords.
  • Large-Hole Roller Czech Glass Beads are similar to crow beads, but a bit smaller. They're sometimes called Pony beads. The large 2-3mm hole on these beads easily fits most popular sizes of leather cord, cotton cord, and other sturdy cording. These large-hole beads work well for macramé, as well as strung designs on heavy cord, or spacers on multi-strand designs.

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