Big Bold Pearls as Tassels - Necklace Tutorial

Big Bold Pearls as Tassels - Necklace Tutorial

Created by: Sondra Barrington

Designer Tips

  • Cut approximately 25" of cord, add a pearl, and tie a simple overhand knot at one end. Pull the knot tight, then pull the pearl up against this knot and add another knot at the other side of the pearl. Use an awl or strong needle to pull the knot tight against the pearl.
  • At the other end, make a loop for a button/loop style closure, and secure it with a knot. Before tightening the knot, make sure the loop fits over the knotted pearl bead. (See "Trio of Pearls" for image example.)
  • Cut 2 pieces of leather 4-5" long, and a final piece 5-6" long. Knot a pearl at each end of all 3 cords. Use an awl to help get the knots tight against the pearls.
  • Use a larks-head knot to attach each of these pieces to the center of the necklace, longest piece in the center.

Suggested Supplies

  • 7 each #20-600-02-10-011 Leather-Hole Freshwater Pearl Beads, 9-11mm Roundish - White
    (or other leather-hole pearl)
  • 1 each (use approx. 3 feet) #61-130-20-12 Greek Leather Cord, 1.5mm, 20 Meter - Brown
  • Optional: Add a dab of leather glue to all the overhand knots (but don't add any glue to the larks-head knots.)
  • Optional: a beading mat-keep beads from rolling away as you work!


  • Awl (to help tie knots tightly up against pearl beads)
  • Scissors, nippers or cutters.
May 31st 2021 Sondra Barrington

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