Craters of the Moon Earrings Tutorial

Learn simple but effective techniques to hammer-texture and dome metal disks to create beautiful handmade earrings.

Created by: Mollie Valente

Hammer and Dome the Blanks
  • Place a Vintaj blank on the steel block. If desired, you can use a piece of low-tack tape to hold it in place.
  • With the ball pein face of the chasing hammer, repeatedly strike the blank to create an overall texture. Flip the blank over and texture the other side. Check both sides and repeat until you achieve your desired texture.
  • The blank will be slightly warped. Place it on the steel block and strike it with a plastic mallet to flatten it.
  • Place the textured blank in the wooden dapping block's largest depression. With the dapping punch and plastic mallet gently shape the metal into a shallow dome. Wooden dapping sets are used to shape textured metal because they are softer and less likely to mar the finish.

  • Place the domed blank on the rubber block. Use a sanding sponge to polish the high points of the texture on both the front and back side. Finish up with the polishing cloth.
  • Repeat the steps, to texture and dome the second blank.
Assemble the Earrings
  • Twist open the eye pin loop, string on the hammered-brass blank, and twist the loop closed.
  • String the beads onto the eye pin in this order: brass heishi bead, round silver-plated bead, brass heishi bead, and round corrugated antiqued-brass bead.
  • Finish the top of the eye pin with a small wrapped loop and clip off any remaining eye-pin tail.
  • Twist open the loop on an earwire and attach it to the wrapped loop, then twist the loop closed.
  • Repeat the steps to make the second earring.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 pair #88-102-03-0 Vintaj Natural Brass Blank, Round, 25mm
  • 1 strand (use 2 beads) #26-815-209 Silver Plated Metal Beads, Round, 8mm
  • 1 gross (use 4 beads) #26-233-0 Brass Metal Beads, Heishi-Style, 3.4x1mm
  • 1 gross (use 2 beads) #26-463-6 3mm Round Corrugated Beads - Antiqued Brass Plated
  • 1 ounce (use 2 pieces) #37-722-6 Antiqued Brass Eye Pin, 2", Standard
  • 1 pair #34-563-20-SF TierraCast Silver-Filled Earring Hook Findings, Plain
  • 1 pair #33-960French wire keepers (optional)


  • #69-138 EURO TOOL Hammer, Chasing
  • #69-108 2.5" Square Steel Block, for Stamping and Jewelry Making
  • #69-130 EURO TOOL Wood Dapping Block
  • #69-342 EURO TOOL Mallet, Plastic
  • #69-118 Rubber Bench Block, 4x4x1"
  • #69-257-0005 3M Sanding Sponges, 1200-1500 Grit
  • #63-537 EURO TOOL Polishing Cloth, Brilliant
  • #65-553-00 The Beadsmith Microfine Plier Set, Four Piece
  • #69-056 EURO TOOL Side Flush Cutter
  • #66-214-06 Beading Mat-keep beads from rolling away from you while you work (optional)
Other Supplies
  • Low-tack tape (optional)
Apr 30th 2021 Mollie Valente

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