Easy Pearl Lariat Tutorial

Easy Pearl Lariat Tutorial

Created by: Rita Hutchinson

Just 3 parts total: leather cord, leather-hole pearls, and a link about the size of a quarter (around 25mm). Choose from a wide variety of link options in sterling silver and gold fill.

Designer Tips

  • Determine finished necklace length (this piece is about 28").
  • Tie a double overhand knot at one end of leather. 
  • Slide all 4 pearls on the leather from the other end.
  • Tie silver link to the other end of the leather with another double overhand knot.
  • Settle one pearl near the silver link and 3 at the opposite end.
  • To wear, thread end (with 3 pearls) through link.

Suggested Supplies


  • 1 each  #44-050-73-62  Sterling Silver Jewelry Link, Flat Textured, 23mm
  • 4 each  #20-600-02-10-443  Leather-Hole Freshwater Pearl Beads, 10-11mm Roundish - Peacock
  • 1 each [use about 30"]  #61-130-05-12  Greek Leather Cord, 1.5mm, 5 Meter - Brown
Tools / Other Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
Jan 1st 2021 Rita Hutchinson

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