Golden Sunshine Bracelet Tutorial

Created by: Janet Boyington


Designer Tips

  • Cut three 10" strands of gold Beadalon stringing wire. My bracelet measures about 6.5" when competed and ready to wear. Plan accordingly for larger wrist sizes.
  • String all three wires in a pleasing pattern, using alternating arrangements of Citrine, seed beads, Preciosa crystals and pearls. Utilize bead stoppers to keep beads in place as you design your patterns.
  • When each strand is to your liking, crimp each end (on one side) to the decorative gold filled square.
  • Crimp the other ends of your wire to the small jump ring of clasp, trim excess wire or "tails" from all six ends and cover with crimp covers (Be sure to run the beading wire back through at least one bead so you aren't cutting the wire right next to the crimp. This will help keep the wire from pulling out of the crimp).
  • Add the gold filled split ring to the end of the gold filled square, for clasp to attach to.
  • Final step -- add your dangles onto the gold filled square: Using the 3 gold filled headpins, create 3 different patterns, and wire wrap each one to the square for the final touch!

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 spool (use approximately 30") #61-720-07-88 Beadalon Beading Wire, 7-Strand, 0.018", 100' Spool - Gold Color
  • 1 pack (use 6 pieces)  #41-050-75-60 14kt Gold-Filled Crimp Tube, 2x1mm, Size 2
  • 1 10-pack (use 6 pieces) #48-683 14kt Gold-Filled Crimp Cover, 3mm
  • 1 each #39-640 14kt Gold-Filled Lobster Clasp, 11.7mm
  • 1 each #44-050-7581 Gold filled 8mm square
  • 1 each #41-618 Gold filled split ring
  • 1 strand (use 7 pearls) #88-600-06-200 Preciosa Crystal Pearl, 6mm Round - White
  • 1 144-pack (use approx. 23 beads) #88-610-04-041 Preciosa Crystal Bicone Bead, 4mm - Crystal Aurum 2X
  • 1 strand (use approx. 60 beads)  #21-007-054-31 4mm Faceted Diamond Cut Coin Gemstone Bead, Citrine
  • 1 vial #20-228-221 TOHO Glass Seed Bead, Bronze, size 11/0, 2.1mm
  • 1 ten-pack (use 3 pieces) #37-612 12kt Gold-Filled Head Pin, 2", Gold-filled, 0.025" Diameter


Sep 30th 2021 Janet Boyington

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