Hidden Ecosystem Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Hidden Ecosystem Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Created by: Cindy Morris

Designer Tips


  • Stamp, hammer and punch holes in the copper until you are satisfied.
  • File any sharp edges.
  • Wrap the strip around a small bottle (aspirin size works well).
  • Bend the ends in about ½ turn with the Wrap n Tap pliers (or use a pipe or mandrel).
  • To patina: Put enough hot water in a bowl to fully submerge the bracelet. Add a tiny spoonful of LOS gel and stir. Put your bracelet in, pull it out after it oxidizes.
  • Buff the bracelet with the polishing cloth.
  • Optional: Shape with an oval bracelet mandrel (the Artistic Wire sizing drum is economical and ships fast!).
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Suggested Supplies


  • 1 [cut to size] #64-981-24-50 Sheet, 24 Gauge, 6x0.5" (Copper)


  • #86-322 Liver of Sulfur, XL Gel, 2 oz.
  • #63-537 Polishing Cloth, Brilliant (Yellow)
  • #69-366 Tool, Economy Needle Files, 6pc
  • #69-234 Tool, EuroPunch Pliers, Round, 1.25mm Hole
  • #69-214 Tool, EuroPower Punch
  • #69-346 Tool, Hammer, Brass, 1lb
  • #69-137 Tool, Hammer, Swiss Style (for riveting)
  • #69-262-L Tool, Pliers, Wrap 'n' Tap, Large
  • #69-125 Tool, Steel 4" Square Block

Additional Supplies
  • Decorative metal stamps, this project used stamps from designer's stash
  • 0000 steel wool
  • Small bottle for forming metal
Jan 1st 2021 Cindy Morris

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