Pawrific Enamel Necklace Tutorial

Created by: Summer Melaas

Designer Tips

  • Punch a hole in the top corners of your copper blank. File any sharp bits.
  • Clean your blank very well with warm water and Penny Brite.
  • Cut your 22 ga bare copper wire, and shape the wire pieces into a paw print. Make sure they are flat so that no enamel can run under the wire.
  • Set wire pieces off to the side.
  • Sift your 3 background colors of enamel separately (one color at a time) onto the blank in your desired pattern.
  • Carefully move your blank onto the torching basket and into the tripod.
  • Torch your blank from the underside. Cool....
  • Add your wire paw print pieces to the fired, cooled copper. The blank may have curved slightly during firing; reshape wire paw print pieces to fit flush if nececessary.
  • Make a liquid paint slurry with the Klyr Fire and black enamel.
  • With a small paintbrush, carefully dab the black enamel paint inside the wire paw print sections. Let dry.
  • Place your blank back into the torching basket.
  • Torch your blank again from the underside. Cool....
  • Carefully clean the back of your enameled blank with the Penny Brite.
  • Cut your finished chain in the center. Attach your blank to each side of the chain with a jump ring.
    New to jewelry-making? See Basic Jewelry-Making Technique Sheet (PDF) for most secure way to open and close jump rings.
  • Visit our original blog article for illustrated Torch Fired Enamel Tips and techniques.
  • And Voila, you can show your love and adoration for all pawed creatures!

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each   #44-782-23-0  Copper Stamping Blank, Half-Circle, 1-7/16"
  • 1 spool  #47-405-22  Copper Jewelry Wire, 22ga, Round, 125'
  • 1 dozen (use 1 piece)  #40-229-18-8  Copper Plated Medium Cable Chain Necklace, 18"
  • 1 oz (use 2 pieces) #37-123-8  Copper Plated Jump Ring, Oval, 3x4mm
  • 1 pack  #81-500-1410-S  Thompson Opaque 80-mesh Enamel for Metals - Robin's Egg (Blue), Sample
  • 1 pack  #81-500-1430-S  Thompson Opaque 80-mesh Enamel for Metals - Spruce Green, Sample
  • 1 pack  #81-500-1237-S  Thompson Opaque 80-mesh Enamel for Metals - Butter Yellow, Sample
  • 1 pack  #81-500-1995-S  Thompson Opaque 80-mesh Enamel for Metals - Black, Sample
  • 1 each  #81-510-001  Klyr Fire, Holding Medium
  • 1 each  #86-221-07 Penny Brite Copper Cleaner


Additional Supplies

  • plastic paint pallet or small cups for mixing enamel "paint"
Feb 22nd 2023 Summer Melaas

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