Rainbow Crystal Mobile Tutorial

Created by: Kim Crosby, in the murky mists of Rings & Things' past... approximately 1979.

Designer Tips

  • We were so excited when we discovered this VERY old project tutorial hiding in the archives brought over from our old website! We used to make these by the dozen and sold them to gift shops all over the Northwestern United States.
  • For step-by-step (printable!) instructions, see the original project page.
  • Although some links in the old project may be broken, we still have all the parts needed to recreate this design, and they're linked below.


  • Swarovski has exited the DIY, optical and chandelier markets, so most loose Swarovski, STRASS and SPECTRA crystals are unavailable. However, we're very happy with both the quality and price of the beautiful rainbow-producing crystals by Egyptian manufacturer Asfour.

Suggested Supplies

  • 18" of approximately 20-gauge wire (such as #47-009-20-4 gold plated German-style craft wire, or ##47-009-20-3 silver plated German-style craft wire)
  • 20" of approximately 2mm cable chain (such as #40-099-16 or #40-011-001)
  • 4 medium triangle bails (such as #37-036)
  • 4 rainbow crystals of your choice (all 4 must be identical so their weight will balance)
  • hook clasp - A small plain hook is fine, or use a fancier style of hook if you like. Normally, you hang the mobile by looping the chain around a curtain rod, an eye bolt set in the ceiling, or the hanger arm of a plant stand, and then hook the hook clasp around the chain to secure the mobile in place.
  • 10 sturdy jump rings (the largest size that fits into your chain links) -- we recommend assorted bags that match the color of your chain and wire, so you have lots of sizes to pick from, for all your projects.


Other Supplies
  • Ruler
Mar 31st 2021 Kim Crosby

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