Soar With Me Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Created by: Valorie Nygaard-Pouzar

Designer Tips

  • Patina, seal and use bracelet-bending pliers to apply a gentle curve to the metal sparrow before riveting it to the leather.
  • For hints on applying Vintaj patina, see blog post: Customizing Tim Holtz idea-ology® Word Bands for a Handmade Look.
  • To prevent the rivet from slipping through the leather, add washers or rivet accents to the backside of the leather. Rivet accents are ready-to-use with no need to measure or cut the perfect hole size, but they are a bit pricy to hide on the back of a project. Vinyl heishi beads are inexpensive (there are approximately 1,000 beads per strand), and it's easy to cut the right size hole, with the same tool that you used to punch through the metal accents in your design.
  • YouTube Video: Crafted Findings Riveting Tool with Instructions
  • Step-by-step instructions wth pictures for this project can also be found on our blog post: Vintaj® & Leather Go So Well Together!

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 pkg of 16 [use 2] #69-930-01-2 Crafted Findings Brass Rivet Accent, Assorted, 16 per pack
  • 1 pkg of 50 [use 2] #69-921-06-2 Crafted Findings Brass Rivet, 1/16", 7/32" Long, 50 per pack
  • 1 each #51-810-10-34 Genuine Leather Cuff Bracelet, 1" - Concrete
  • 1 each #86-421-901 Ranger Glaze, Vintaj, 0.5oz
  • 1 each [use nouveau silver color] #86-420-994 Ranger Patina Kit, Vintaj, Metallic - Treasured Heirloom, 2 per pack
  • 1 each #88-104-02-0 Vintaj Natural Brass Pendant, Soaring Sparrow, 18x41mm, Stamped


Additional Supplies

  • Soft cloth or rag
  • Ultra fine point permanent marker
Feb 22nd 2023 Valorie Nygaard-Pouzar

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