Gemstone Index: Ruby

From royal crowns to Dorothy's slippers to, of course, delicious jewelry, the ruby is a most desirable gemstone. Its hardness, durability, luster and rarity are among the world's finest, and its blazing red color is beyond compare. Ruby is the red variety of the corundum (aluminum oxide) mineral, a family that also includes sapphire, and takes its name from the Latin rubeus or ruber, meaning "red." Corundum (which sapphires and rubies are comprised of) is the second-hardest natural mineral know …
Dec 5th 2022 Rings & Things Staff
Birthstone Options

Birthstone Options

Looking to make custom birthstone jewelry? Here you'll find birthstone jewelry-making supplies, including genuine gemstone beads for each month, European crystal in classic birthstone colors, and birthstone charms and connectors including rivets, links, drops, ear wires and earring posts -- set with crystals, cubic zirconias and zodiac symbols. Whether you have a business making birthstone and bespoke jewelry, or you're making something special for yourself (or as a gift), this section is o …
Oct 15th 2021 Polly Nobbs-LaRue