Birthstone Options

Birthstone Options

Looking to make custom birthstone jewelry? Here you'll find birthstone jewelry-making supplies, including genuine gemstone beads for each month, European crystal in classic birthstone colors, and birthstone charms and connectors including rivets, links, drops, ear wires and earring posts -- set with crystals, cubic zirconias and zodiac symbols.


Whether you have a business making birthstone and bespoke jewelry, or you're making something special for yourself (or as a gift), this section is organized to help you find the perfect combination of shapes and sizes with just the right meanings and stone colors. Some birth months and Zodiac signs have a dizzying variety of jewelry-making options to choose from; others just have one classic birthstone / color. To keep it (relatively) simple, we're sticking with the most-popular traditional birthstones in the US & the UK. In most cases, we include genuine gemstone links as well as crystal pendants and glass beads in the same color.


Birthstones by Month:

January: Garnet

February: Amethyst

March: Aquamarine

April: Diamond or Rock Crystal

May: Emerald or Chrysoprase

June: Pearls, Moonstone and Alexandrite

July: Ruby and Carnelian

August: Peridot and Sardonyx

September: Sapphire and Lapis

October: Rose Zircon and Opal

November: Golden Topaz and Citrine

December: Blue Zircon and Tanzanite


Zodiac Stones

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