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Chakra Colors for Making Jewelry

Chakra Colors for Making Jewelry

Whether you run a jewelry-making business, or you're making a special gift for yourself or a loved one, here you can find the perfect combination of shapes, sizes and stones to help you create specialty chakra pendants, bracelets and necklaces.Although each chakra is associated with a specific color and concept, the gemstones or crystals themselves can vary. Qualities to consider when choosing chakra stones or healing crystals are the color, any energetic qualities you want to focus on, and the …
Feb 23rd 2023 Polly Nobbs-LaRue

Tips for Securely Gluing Jewelry

Which glue is best?Two-part epoxies are more work, but have excellent durability, for when you really want your designs to last.Super glues are best for surfaces that fit exactly together (no gaps), or where you need just a small dab of extra security.Some specialty & craft glues are flexible or work well for bonding plastics, foil-back crystal, porous materials such as wood and fabric, or metal-to-metal bonds. Each adhesive in our website includes detailed usage information to help you …
Dec 27th 2021 Rings & Things Staff
Awareness Colors

Awareness Colors

Awareness Colors from Rings & Things: Find links to beads, charms, metal stamping tools and other jewelry supplies to help you create custom jewelry, key rings and other accessories to increase awareness, raise funds for, and support the causes you care about. Common Cause-Ribbon Colors Listed below are colors commonly used for special causes with links to beads in similar colors. Rings & Things also stocks several cause ribbon charms, beads, blanks and metal stamps to help you build awa …
Oct 26th 2021 Rings & Things Staff

Working with Colors

Color and LightPeople see color differently no matter what, but the following factors also affect the way colors look:The quality of light (natural daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, etc.)The amount of light (low light, bright light)One color's proximity to another color It's common to create a piece of jewelry under artificial light only to realize later that, under natural sunlight, the colors don't interact the way you anticipated. Because of this, we recommend that you use as much natural …
Oct 18th 2021 Rings & Things Staff
Birthstone Options

Birthstone Options

Looking to make custom birthstone jewelry? Here you'll find birthstone jewelry-making supplies, including genuine gemstone beads for each month, European crystal in classic birthstone colors, and birthstone charms and connectors including rivets, links, drops, ear wires and earring posts -- set with crystals, cubic zirconias and zodiac symbols. Whether you have a business making birthstone and bespoke jewelry, or you're making something special for yourself (or as a gift), this section is o …
Oct 15th 2021 Polly Nobbs-LaRue

Inland Northwest Jewelry Resources

Find jewelry-making classes, workshops, bead stores, and jewelry repair shops in the Spokane, Washington, area. Links to Pacific Northwest bead societies and art guilds as well. To be listed as a resource, email us your web link. Bead Nook Boutique (Jan's What-Knot) 2120 West Boone Spokane, WA (509) 879-9294Beginner bead classes.Beyond Beads North 7452 N. Division Spokane, WA (509) 482-0607Beading and stringing classes.Clay Connection 714 E Sprague Ave Spokane, WA (509) 747-6171Glass fusing &am …
Jan 2nd 2014 Rings & Things Staff

Directory of Bead Societies & Art Guilds

Looking for a bead society, polymer-clay guild, metal art, or glassworking group or guild near you? Browse this list! Contact any of these local groups for more information about meeting times and locations. If there aren't any bead societies in your state, check surrounding states — there may be one just across the border. If you know of an organization to add to this list (or corrections to be made to the list), please contact us. Thank you! If you're a new bead society, you might want to tel …
Jan 1st 2008 Rings & Things Staff

Museums & More

Find links and information for bead museums, bead research centers and other great beads & crafts related organizations!The Bead Museum of Arizona Following in the footsteps of The Bead Museum in D.C., The Bead Museum of Arizona permanently closed on March 12, 2011, due to insufficient funding. It donated its entire collection of beads and beaded objects to the Mingei International Museum in San Diego, CA. The Bead Museum of Arizona's purpose was to collect, preserve, identify, document and dis …
Apr 7th 2000 Polly Nobbs-LaRue