Tri-Tone Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Created by: Rita Hutchinson


Designer Tips

  • Using a pre-cut and finished bracelet blank, and precut 6" patterned wire makes this bracelet assemble in a snap!
  • Apply pattern to copper blank with desired metal stamps.
  • Add patina to patterned wire and bracelet blank. Rinse and dry. Highlight with sanding sponges and polishing pad.
  • Add hole to each end of copper blank (at least 1/4" from the end). Use large side of double hole punch.
  • Use EZ-Bender to form cuff shape with bracelet blank and with brass wire. (The brass wire will not form to shape as easily as the blank.)
  • Add hole to one end of patterned wire (Hole should be closer to the end of the wire, than it was to the end of the blank).
  • Use eyelet setter to cold-connect the two pieces on one end with eyelet + washer.
  • Wrap rose-gold plated wire around center section of brass wire as desired, tucking ends between the layers.
  • Determine location of second eyelet, punch hole in brass and repeat connection process.
  • Note: The location of the holes will not match when the blanks are flat. The depth of the wire combined with the curve of the bracelet will alter the hole placement. (This is probably a formula that I learned in Algebra, but have forgotten.)  I find that for this thickness of wire, plus the wrapped wire, the difference in hole location is about 2.5mm on each end.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each #44-726-42 ImpressArt Copper Bracelet Blank, Tapered, 6x5/8"
  • 1 package (use 1 strip) #46-439-001-27 Artistic Wire Flat Vine Patterned Brass Jewelry Wire, 21ga x 4.6mm - Tarnish Resistant Brass
  • 1 spool (use about 8") #46-410-40 Artistic Wire Copper Jewelry Wire, Twisted, 20ga, 9ft - Rose Gold
  • 1 package (use 2 pieces) #69-984-02-9 TierraCast Gunmetal Leather Eyelet, 5.3mm lon
  • 1 package (use 2 pieces)  #69-983-50-9 TierraCast Gunmetal Washer


  • #69-246-25  The BeadSmith Metal Stamp, Circle Set
  • #86-310 Novacan Black Patina
  • #69-363-K  TierraCast Steel Eyelet Setting Kit
  • #69-235  EURO TOOL Metal Punch, Two Hole
  • #69-346   EURO TOOL Hammer, Brass, 1lb
  • #69-125  Tool, Steel 4" Square Block
  • #69-056  EURO TOOL Side Flush Cutter
  • #69-257  Tool, Sanding Sponges, Set
  • #63-528  EURO TOOL Polishing Pads, Ultra, 2x2"
  • #69-603  The BeadSmith E-Z Bender Tool for Cuff Bracelets
Jan 1st 2022 Rita Hutchinson

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