Trio of Pearls - Leather Bracelet Tutorial

Created by: Sondra Barrington


Designer Tips

  • Add a pearl to one end of the cord, and tie a simple overhand knot on each side of the pearl. Use an awl to help pull the knots tight up against the pearl bead. This will be the "button" portion of your button/loop clasp.
  • Add 3 pearls to the bracelet -- but don't tie any knots around them yet.
  • Make a loop at the other end of the bracelet, just large enough to fit over the pearl "button". Secure the loop with a knot, but before tightening the knot, make sure the loop still fits snugly over the pearl "button" clasp.
  • Slide the middle pearl to the center of the bracelet and tie a knot at each side of it. Slide the other pearls next to these knots, and tie another knot at the outside of each pearl.

Suggested Supplies

  • 4 each  #20-600-02-10-443  Leather-Hole Freshwater Pearl Beads, 9-11mm Roundish - Peacock
  • 1 each (use approx. 12")  #61-130-05-01  Greek Leather Cord, 1.5mm, 5 Meter - Natural
  • 4 each  #20-600-02-10-011  Leather-Hole Freshwater Pearl Beads, 9-11mm Roundish - White
  • 1 each  (use approx. 12")  #61-130-05-02  Greek Leather Cord, 1.5mm, 5 Meter - Black


Jan 1st 2022 Sondra Barrington

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