Tschinkel's Circles Bracelet Tutorial

Tschinkel's Circles Bracelet Tutorial

Created by: Polly Nobbs-LaRue

Designer Tips

  • Lay out a pattern on the blank bracelet. Free-hand, or using a ruler, mark each spot using an awl or an extra-fine point marker.
    (The heishi beads pictured are 18mm apart.)
  • Punch 1/16" holes in the leather, using the cutting end of the Crafted Findings riveting tool.
  • If necessary, use the cutting end of the riveting tool to punch 1/16" holes in the center of the vinyl disk beads. (They already have holes, but the holes might need to be larger.)
  • Use a short rivet (probably 3/32" long - but leather thickness and bead thicknesses vary, so the rivet length will vary too).
  • Stack components on the rivet in the following order: smallest bead, larger bead, leather bracelet.
  • Leather is more flexible than the metal that these rivets are designed for, so it's important to add a final bead (any color) on the backside of the bracelet, so the tiny finished/set rivet does not pull through the leather.
  • Each rivet should be approx. 1mm longer than the components before riveting.
  • Use the setting end of the Crafted Findings tool to set each rivet. See Riveting 101 or the video in the "more details" section of any of our Crafted Findings tools.
  • The #22-535 vulcanite heishi beads vary from 3 to 10mm. When I made this bracelet, we had #22-535-sm, with mixed 4-7mm yellow, red and black beads. In case those are no longer available, here is our full selection of vulcanite heishi beads. I suggest 2 colors of 4mm beads, and 1 strand of approx. 6mm beads.
  • The bracelet pictured is a 1" bracelet in Olive Green, but many other colors are available!

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each #51-810-10-39 Bracelet, Genuine Leather, 1", Cuff
  • 1 pkg of 100 [use 17] #69-920-01-2 Rivet, 1/16", Sample Pack, Short
  • 2 strands [use 42 beads] #22-535-SM Trade Bead, Plastic Heishi, Vulcanite, 4-7mm
  • 1 strand #22-535-63 Trade Beads, Vinyl, Heishi, 4mm - Yellow
  • 1 strand #22-535-61 Trade Beads, Vinyl, Heishi, 4mm - Red
  • 1 strand #22-535-77 Trade Beads, Vinyl, Heishi, 6mm - Old Ivory Color ~or!
    1 strand #22-535-76 Trade Beads, Vinyl, Heishi, 6mm - Blue
    or other colors of your choice!


  • #65-801 Kemper Mfg. Inc. Awl, Metal
  • #69-900 Tool, 1/16" Rivet Piercing/ Setting

Additional Supplies

  • Ruler
  • Fine Point Permanent Marker
Dec 10th 2021 Polly Nobbs-LaRue

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