Pinch Bails (Prong Bails)

Prong bails (pinch bails) from Rings & Things fit a wide variety of gemstone pendants, crystal pendants and more! Fast shipping, wholesale prices.

Prong bails (also called pinch bails & ice-pick bails) are very easy to use for hanging many types of pendants. Choose from a large variety of styles and finishes of prong bails, including front-to-back hole alignment and side-to-side hole alignment. Most prong bails just need to be gently manipulated to fit the prongs (or "ice picks") into your pendant's hole. Then, simply pinch the bail shut! Our #41-180 styles work great on a wide variety of crystal and fancy glass pendants, especially 14 - 25mm glass and PRESTIGE crystal pendants.

  • If you have a drop with a very small hole (less than 1.5mm), then #41-222, #41-223 and #41-232, or our wire bails, are your safest choices.
  • Some styles of prong bails also have a small loop at the top, for attaching to an ear wire, or sliding onto cord or a thin chain. #41-223 and the Tiny Leaf Bail are great for earrings.
  • Briolette caps are similar, but for a specialty shape. Add the briolette cap to your briolette or tall, narrow teardrop, pinch the prongs inward, and then attach the briolette cap to an ear wire or stringing material. (You may need to use a jump ring.) Briolette Caps are designed for PRESTIGE #6010 briolette pendants 13mm and smaller, and gemstone briolettes and narrow tip-drilled drops approximately 10-13mm tall.
  • Flat-Briolette Pinch Bail findings from Rings & Things are designed to fit PRESTIGE #6012 flat briolette crystal pendants, and also work well with flat gemstone briolettes and other wide/flat teardrop pendants and tip-drilled fan-shaped gemstone beads.

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