Adjustable Anchor Bracelet Tutorial

Adjustable Anchor Bracelet Tutorial

Created by: Veronica Greenwood

Designer Tips

larks-head knot example

  • Cut two 18" pieces of leather.
  • Fold one strand in half. Make a larks-head knot by feeding both ends through the loop on the anchor charm, then back through the leather loop formed on the other end of the cord. Pull tight.
  • Fold the other strand in half over the other end of your anchor and feed both ends through the loop formed. Pull tight.
  • At one side of the bracelet, add a porcelain bead, a small barrel bead, and another porcelain bead to both strands of leather. Using flat-nose pliers, gently smoosh the barrel bead. Repeat on other side of bracelet.
  • Slide the two pieces of leather from one side, through your larger barrel bead. Repeat with the other side, going in opposite direction.
  • Check length, and make the bracelet adjustable:
  • Making sure you have enough length for you to be able to slide the bracelet onto your wrist, gently smoosh the barrel bead just enough to still be able to slide your leather pieces through it.
  • Slide one bead onto each of the ends of your leather, and tie a simple overhand knot. Cut off extra leather.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each #44-940-95-AS TierraCast Antiqued Silver Plated Britannia Pewter Anchor Charm
  • 1 strand (use 8 beads)  #25-050-07-907 5x7mm Porcelain Bead, Large Hole Rondelle - Ocean Blue
  • 2 each  #26-750-12-5 TierraCast Antiqued Pewter Barrel Bead, 7x5.5mm
  • 1 each #26-750-13-5 TierraCast Antiqued Pewter Barrel Bead, 10x5.7mm
  • 1 pack (use approx. 36") #61-130-05-12  Greek Leather Cord, 1.5mm, 5 Meter - Brown


  • #65-370  Fiskars Precision Tip Scissors for Beading Cord (or your favorite household scissors)
  • #69-275-31  Wubbers Medium, Flat-Nose Jewelry Making Pliers (or other large-jawed smooth flat-nose jewelry pliers)
Sep 30th 2021 Veronica Greenwood

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