Resin 101

Resin 101

Resin Jewelry 101

Epoxy jewelry resins are durable, usually clear or translucent, resins that come in two parts: the resin and the hardener. When the two parts are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs that changes the epoxy from a liquid to a solid. When you mix the 2 parts together, you have the option of adding colorants and other inclusions such as sand, glitter, mica, and more.


You can add inclusions (mica, glitter, images, chain, crystals, charms...) to a bezel or a mold before you pour in clear or colored resin resin, or you can layer your items alternating with layers of resin, to form complicated mini worlds. You can even make your own molds! Rings & Things stocks jewelry molds for resin, plus there are 100's of cute, fun and wacky silicone molds on the internet, suitable for resin (or for candy, soaps, etc.).


Choose from epoxy resin (aka doming resin), UV resin, and casting resin. You'll also find resin jewelry molds, pigments, dyes, glossy sealants, mixing cups and more supplies for your resin jewelry projects. Epoxy resins provide stronger adhesion, less shrinkage and tougher water resistance, once cured, than the polyester resins that are sometimes used to make jewelry.



Epoxy Resin Tips, Tutorials and Resin Jewelry Supplies:


Tips to make jewelry with epoxy resin.
Epoxy Resin 101 (PDF)
gives you the basics for how to make jewelry with epoxy resin, including EasyCast and SuperClear.
Free EasyCast Resin project book (PDF).
EasyCast Resin Jewelry (PDF)
is a free 24-page book you can download and print. It covers resin casting, embedding objects, making faux gems, and more.

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