Artistic Wire

Shop Artistic Wire colored copper craft wire. Choose from 30 gauge to 10 gauge in a rainbow of hues, including brilliant silver-plated colors. Great tools, too!

Artistic Wire offers colorful craft wire that's perfect for making wrapped, strung, and lashed wire jewelry. Because it's dead soft, Artistic Wire remains malleable and easy to work with even in the thicker gauges. It's constructed with a copper core that's finished with a permanent color coating. Choose your favorite colors in 30 gauge (thin) to 10 gauge (thick) to suit a wide range of wire wrapping and wire working applications.

  • Silver-plated Artistic Wire provides a brilliant shine that needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.
  • "Bare" and "tinned" Artistic Wire colors will patina over time, making them great options for antiqued styles.

Artistic Wire brand tools give you tools that are specially designed to use with jewelry and craft wire, including the ever-popular Conetastic, coiling jigs, wire crochet and knitting tools, wire straighteners, forms (jigs) for making custom jewelry findings, and more.

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