Geared Ring Tutorial

Geared Ring Tutorial


Created by: Polly Nobbs-LaRue


Designer Tips

  • Cut a strip of 20-gauge sheet 2.75" long. Smooth and straighten with a nylon hammer.
  • Optional: Texture or stamp (see "How to Make a Metal-Stamped Charm" technique sheet below).
  • For a matte finish, scrub the surface with steel wool (or even a green dish scrubbie!).
  • File the corners and edges smooth using a #2-cut needle file.
  • Use a pair of nylon-jaw ring-bending pliers to bend the band into shape. Overlap the ends at least 0.25".
  • Check the size on a ring mandrel. Adjust as necessary, using flat-nose nylon-jaw pliers and/or nylon hammer.
  • Use the riveting system tool to punch a 3/32" hole in the center of the overlapped area. Re-straighten ring as necessary.
  • Insert an eyelet, beginning at inside of ring, and add embellishments to top.
  • Set 3/32" eyelet with the flaring end of the riveting system tool.


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Suggested Supplies

  • 1 pkg of 120 [use one, 3/16" or 7/32" long] #69-952-01-2 Eyelet, 3/32", Assorted
  • 1 doz [use 1] #44-305-0 Gear, 19mm
  • 1 pkg of 6 [use 1] #64-981-24-25 Sheet, 24 Gauge, 6x0.25"
  • 1 doz [use 1] #44-353-0 Sprocket, 19mm, Copper


Additional Supplies
  • 0000 steel wool or dish scrubbie
Oct 31st 2021 Polly Nobbs-LaRue

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